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When you are going through a tough time with your tenant, know one thing for certain –you should NEVER trust them. If you are in bitter terms with the tenant, and are evicting them, know that they would have a hundred devised plans to harm you. One of the easiest ways they’d do this is by regaining entry to the apartment. When you evict a tenant, know that they are not going to be civil in the least. Hence, it is highly incumbent upon you to get your locks replaced or rekeyed as soon as possible. 

Went through a tough time evicting your tenant this week? Leave the eviction services to the locksmiths at Westminster CO Locksmith Store

Evicted tenants are vengeful

There are many reasons to evict a tenant. They might have not met up to their rent obligations or would have failed miserably in keeping up with the rules and regulations laid out for the apartment. Nevertheless, when it happens, it is all surely going to be bitter. They wouldn’t prefer to have a civil conversation with you in the least, and it would happen that most of the evicted tenants are vengeful. Some of our clients have reported that their evicted tenants regained access to the apartment with their old keys. This would lead to great damage. This is exactly why you should seek the assistance of Westminster CO Locksmith Store to provide eviction services. 

The eviction process:Westminster CO Locksmith Store Westminster, CO 303-732-8574

Step 1: Firstly, you ought to get all the legal paperwork done to evict your tenant and call Westminster CO Locksmith Store. 

Step 2: Our experts will arrive at your place to provide their expert eviction services. 

Step 3: We would completely asses the locks and check if they are suitable for rekeying procedure. 

Step 4: If you have got a highly damaged lock, we would suggest lock replacement as they cannot be rekeyed efficiently.

Step 5: We would also asses the entire security setup and if we find flaws in it, we would offer our expertise to fix them.

Step 6(optional):  We might even install advanced locks if you need. 

For eviction services in Westminster and surrounding areas, call us at 303-732-8574!